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 Why Get Started with a STUFF&STOCK®?

Getting started with STUFF&STOCK® is an easy way to shop. You can give a young person an age appropriate, highly engaging gift from anywhere at anytime. A gift that continues to give for a lifetime!

The 5 Step STUFF&STOCK® Process:

# 1: Identify the Child’s Interest

Already know what excites your child? Need help finding out? We use our expertise and experience to help you identity a gift category that the child will enjoy.

# 2: Connect Interest to Investment

We do all the work to identify a company that offers goods or services a young person can understand. Step 1. The bundle is important because it shows the connection between the tangible gift and stock ownership.

# 3: Receive Your Customized Proposal

After choosing a Stuff&Stock, you pay online to get started immediately or register and request an invoice.
STUFF&STOCK® Custodial Bundle: $175.00 -$250.00
STUFF&STOCK® Gift Giver Bundles: $125.00 – $195.00
Prices are subject to change and are based on customization of STUFF&STOCK® deliverable bundles.

# 4: Collect Information to Create the STUFF&STOCK®

All it takes is a completing the registration. We will prepare and monitor the logistics, maintain the database, and even send reminders to help expand the young person’s portfolio and financial literacy.

# 5: Celebrate with the child!

You have just bought a meaningful gift that will will help teach financial literacy and build wealth. What you do today will make a difference in the life of a child!

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