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When I enrolled my daughter in JackieTrust Stuff&Stock in 2015 I had recently relocated to Maryland, started a new career path and was earning a salary of $30,000 annually that supported my family of three. Apart from this, I was recently separated and was living paycheck to paycheck. Every dime I earned went towards keeping my household afloat. I felt that I was totally out of alignment with my life’s purpose. Despite the circumstances, the one constant that drove me, that was much bigger than myself, was the bright future that I saw for my children, regardless of my own personal hardships.

When Jackie introduced me to JackieTrust, Stuff&Stock, and explained that I could purchase stock [for my daughter] that would revolve and grow, I knew this could be the beginning of financial freedom for my children and generations to come. My only responsibility; ensuring that I had funds in my account each month at the designated date – and that was easy enough for me. Before I knew it, four years had passed and unbeknownst to me, the account had grown exponentially.

As the universe would have it, my daughter and I randomly ran into Jackie about a year ago and we happened to have my daughter’s current stock statement. We reviewed the statement and realized that in those three years the stock value had tripled since the original purchase and the dividends that were reinvested into the account allowed her to obtain even more shares of the company stock.

In addition to the financial literacy my daughter has learned with Stuff&Stock, she is learning lifelong lessons in management and organization. She opens her mailed statements and reads/files them in her customized “Future Millionaire” binder portfolio.  The blessing for me is the good feeling of knowing I have taken action to do something that could positively impact the course of my children’s financial future and seeing that huge smile on my daughter’s face when she sees how much her stock has grown each month. My daughter at age nine learned how to read a stock table and she understands that she is a “stockholder”.  Now eleven, she is on her way to financial freedom.  The money will come in handy for college and her knowledge about business and investing will be even more helpful as she grows into adulthood.

Even in  a down economy I continue to regularly add to the account to take advantage of buying additional shares at the low (sale price). My daughter is growing wealth one-share-at-a-time.

JackieTrust, Stuff&Stock, a gift that keeps giving and growing!

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