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The Stuff&Stock® Investment Group (SIG) & Book Club

Stuff&Stock® Investment Group and Book Club is an innovative way to teach financial literacy to young people. Beginning a Stock Investment Group (SIG) and book club, along with engagement from JackieTrust® helps develop financial skills, which leads to generational wealth.

Adults are always talking about the importance of money management and we know financial literacy is vital to our children’s future. A SIG provides a great opportunity for youth ages seven and older to become actively involved in the future of their finances. Once the custodians of potential group members are given an overview of SIG, young people are ready to become stockholders!

We connect youth’s interests to shares of that company’s stock. For example, think about a teen who is into electric cars, space or renewable energy and would receive a book on early investing, as well as a stock ownership in Tesla. Or give an engaging book on being an entrepreneur and a share of Nike stock to a student-athlete. When they see commercials or logos, they are reminded of their ownership in the company!

Each member invests individually and the group can include brief book reviews and other learning opportunities during their regularly scheduled meetings. Our service continuously builds their skills while they are learning to build wealth.

The feedback has been great.  In our group chat, every other day I see some news about the stock we votes on as a group, and how the children and mothers are keeping up with what is going on with the company.  I have also been approached by mothers in other age groups about it as well.  We have a program planning meeting coming up next week and I will propose your SIG for our Tween (5th-8th grade) group.”  (Mom Leader)

Mom Leader

My child and I left knowing more about stock. Excellent presentation.”  

SIG Participant

I learned so much about the importance of investing for my future.”  

SIG Participant

Fantastic experience!” 

SIG Participant

Jack and Jill SIG and Book Club

JackieTrust is partnering with future millionaire groups.
A Jack and Jill  chapter created a young stock investment group and book club (SIG).

Why Start a Stock Investment Group (SIG)?

Stuff&Stock Investment Group (SIG) is a practical friendly investment program helping young people learn financial literacy skills and how to start investing now!

Group Members:

  • Participate in an interactive workshop
  • Read and review age appropriate financial themed books
  • Start an individual investment portfolio (custodial account if under 21)
  • Begin wealth-building opportunities as a young stockowner

Young People of all ages can learn money management and long-term investment fundamentals. The SIG is appropriate and adaptable for kids and adult groups. No prior investment skills are needed to get started.

How to get started:


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