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Home Sweet Forever Home Community

After visiting a friend who lives in the Dallas metroplex and seeing her beautiful forever home, the visit reminded me of a college friend whose parents bought a home on a lake in Maryland which over time became a forever home for them. I left thinking, God-willing, it’s time to plan my mortgage-free forever home.

Thinking big, I would love to find a sleepy town near water that is not too far from the city and airport, and with little to no severe winter weather occurrences. With retirement just around the bend, I am ready to put my forever-home plan in action.  This requires long-term preparation so for the time being the home will be my weekend fixer-upper, quick getaway and winter retreat.  I am seeking your input on locations, locations, and more locations. Any suggestions?

I can make my plan of a mortgage-free forever home a reality because of a (not always easy) concerted effort to save and plan for such a time as this. Unfortunately, 75% of Americans are shortsighted when it comes to their financial future, which minimizes long term planning. If this is you, reconsider your plan or lack thereof. You may not want a forever home but you certainly have dreams. If it is too difficult to see beyond today and sort out your financial future there are resources available to help you. As a first step, begin to track your spending manually or via an app. The purpose of tracking is to take a snapshot of your spending habits and figure out where it all goes. It is only by doing this you can begin to change your habits.

Dreaming big, an ideal scenario is a group of people (singles and couples) finding what was once a charming town and revitalizing the entire area. In my vision, people accept the challenge of buying old and in some cases rundown homes, and modernize them to meet their lifestyle. By working together we can create a vibrant community.

The residence can choose to start their dream businesses of owning shops, galleries, studios, eateries, or just chill! In the vision, people gather together for golf, tennis,  bocce ball, game night (of course, bid whiz and bridge), water activities,  movies, book club, celebrations, cocktails, world travels, endless laughter, and ongoing support. As neighbors, we check on each other and make sure we are all living life to the fullest.

My forever home is in a community of forever friends. Are you in?

Also, if I cannot have a beach a perfect pool/spa will do just fine! 

By the way, now is a great time to start teaching young people about long term planning and building their financial future. Forever occurs on a continual basis. JackieTrust!

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