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Stuff&Stock Add-on


For Existing Clients with Established “&Stock” Portfolios

Send a perfect for birthdays, Christmas, graduation or other occasions gift to help grow the portfolio.

  • Your $125 gift includes: adding funds to the existing account, an age appropriate finance themed book, a new stock document, a customized letter, and ongoing support.
  • Even if there’s a recurring deposit into the account, it’s a way to increase the portfolio value and a great reminder about being a stock owner.
  • You send a gift and we do the work on your behalf. Stuff&Stock Add-on is a gift that can appreciate in value.

*Fund amount will purchase a (slice or full) share of stock based on the current value of the stock already included in the portfolio.

*If  the recipient has a diversified portfolio, you’ll need to identify the “&Stock”

Stuff&Stock Add-on for Existing Clients with Established “&Stock” Portfolios

Diversify by Purchasing Additional Stuff&Stocks:

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