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How to engage adults to help you build financial wealth  this holiday season and for other occasions:


When my nephews were born I promised my brother and sister in-law that I would only buy the boys meaningful gifts. My definition of a responsible gift was one that was educational and had value beyond the event. I gave them non-fiction books, educational games, an eco-system, a fancy-smancy bubble machine, event tickets, a huge teepee for backyard outings and a host of other well intended gifts.

Unfortunately, I was not with them to celebrate every Christmas or birthday but when I was there it was always a massive overflow of gifts to the point that  they sometimes appeared overwhelmed. Inevitably someone would comment on the amount of toys, games clothes, electronics, etc. that the kids received and say how much they are loved.   I, along with others, contributed to the festivities but I honestly don’t think they have many of the gifts bought for them five years ago, and I dare think that if they do have a  gift it is no longer a favorite nor do they know the gift giver.

I still take interest in buying the boys, along with other children, meaningful gifts but now my definition is a simple gift that has the ability to change their lives. After years of researching, planning and refining the process I have launched a company that specializes in helping adults give gifts to youngsters.

The company, JackieTrust™, turns simple gifts for youngsters into a financial education. JackieTrust™ offers adults a process to give meaningful, age-appropriate gifts to a child or teen that helps build generational wealth and an interest in long-term investing.

The gift is Stuff&Stock™.  We deliver tangible gifts (Stuff) connected to and along with shares of a company’s stock (&Stock), helping educate youngsters about how everyday products can translate into corporate profits.  We provide a high-quality service that engages children in the financial markets, giving them the gift of financial literacy while having fun!

Once a JackieTrust™ is established, the youngster can comfortably ask family and friends to buy them Stuff&Stock™ because they understand the connection.  Anyone can contribute and the process is simple.  Gift givers only need to know the child’s name, not their account number or any personal information.  JackieTrust™ is unique because it is a tangible item as well as a way to help a child become financially literate and build generational wealth.

The child is excited about the Stuff&Stock™, the adult feels the instant gratification of giving a tangible gift and most importantly they are helping a child become financially literate and build wealth into adulthood.

Give a gift that keeps on giving, a gift that changes lives.

I would welcome your comments.

Jackie for JackieTrust™


ps Ernie & Burt I love you!

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