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What We Do: Our Mission

Turning Meaningful Gifts into Teaching Financial Literacy Skills

Only seventeen (17) states require a course in Economics for high school students. Money management is a vital life skill that is rarely taught and we aim to increase exposure starting at an early age.

Stuff&Stock® is a gift giving service that engages young people by delivering a tangible gift that shows the connection between an item and becoming a stockowner in that company. This reality-based approach has proven to spark their interest in money managing and investing.

Give the gift of inspiring a young person you care about to develop financial literacy skills and business acumen.

Our Focus Is Financial Literacy For Young People.

Understanding a Market Structure

The Game Monopoly is a creates and reinforces addition, subtraction, and even fractional multiplication.

Understanding Interest: The Simple Interest

(Free) Learn how to find the simple interest of different loans by playing this fun educational game.

Understanding the Stock Market: The Stock Mkt Game

(Free) Sign- up as Parent and Child: Individuals wishing to participate in a separate game to learn about the market.

Understanding Trading: Battle for Wall Street

(Free) Battle for Wall Street will take users on an unpredictable adventure as they try their luck at becoming the next Titan of Wall Street.



Our Service


Our Skills

Through Jackie’s knowledge of financial education, we teach minors about the value of gift purchases and the importance of investing in their own future.


Our Support

Educating children about the four pillars of finance (spend, save, donate, and INVEST) so they make savvy money management decision as adults.


Our Sector

Building generational wealth through reinventing gift giving. Adults can seamlessly give a present that points to dividend reinvestment stock.

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