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Additional Benefits For STUFF&STOCK® Members

Check you email for birthday reminders?

We call it…“Stuff&Stock Add-on”

“Add-on Stuff&Stock” lets you say “YES” to an invoice to give “Stuff&Stock”, which includes a beautifully wrapped gift (usually a book) and adding an “&Stock” deposit of funds to a young person’s portfolio – hassle free!  You can include the  logo t-shirt “I am the Boss –  I’m an Investor” to the special gift.

Referrals Let You Earn Money

Earn TRU$T Dollars for a young person by introducing others to Stuff&Stock®.

Every three (3) new clients you bring us earns a $25.00 deposit into a loved ones “&Stock” account.

A new client gives Stuff&Stock® to qualify.


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