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The Stuff&Stock® Investment Group & Book Club


Is your child on target with building wealth?

Studies show that young adults born between 1996-2016 to be the most [financially] disruptive generation ever.

Young Black and Brown Americans are making more money than other generations, buying cars and owning their own personal stock portfolios.

With the rise of technology, media and finance, younger people of color are on their way to establishing their family’s fortunes.

Can you say the same for your children?

In terms of race, young people of color are head-to-head in terms of investing. 

While many older Black people don’t have comparable retirement, savings or wealth like other group, younger generations are catching up, with 63% of whites and blacks age 40 and younger equally investing. 

What’s holding your child back from building generational wealth…


  • Halfway toward your child’s $$$ goals 51% 51%

Now you’re probably wondering what a Stock Investment Group & Book Club is? 

The Stock Investment Group meets to discuss books and their investments. 
It’s a program that teaches young people about financial literacy with the intent of transforming inquiring minds into lifelong investors. When your group signs up for Stuff&Stock® Investment Group & Book Club, your child gets some cool perks, age-appropriate finance books, and an interactive community, that will alter their financial trajectory. Below are words real mothers have said about their SIG experience.

“The feedback has been great.  In our group chat, every other day I see some news about the stock we vote on as a group, and how the children and mothers are keeping up with what is going on with the company.  I have also been approached by mothers in other age groups about it as well.  We have a program planning meeting coming up next week and I will propose your SIG for our Tween (5th-8th grade) group.”

Mom - Monique

“I credit Stuff&Stock® with really highlighting financial literacy for my children in a way that I did not give my children a chance to experience well into adulthood.”


Mom - Andrea

“I would like to thank you CEO Jackie because I really feel like you have changed the financial trajectory of my child’s life!”

Mom - Deidra

It’s also nice to hear and see what a real SIG looks like in real-time!

Click below to watch a MOM video.

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Why Start a Stock Investment Group (SIG) Now?

Stuff&Stock Investment Group (SIG) is a practical friendly investment program helping young people learn financial literacy skills and how to start investing now! SIG benefits include: learning life changing finacial skills, becoming apart of a peer investing community, and laying the building blocks for future wealth.

SIG Members:

  • Participate in an interactive workshop
  • Read and review age appropriate financial themed books
  • Start an individual investment portfolio (custodial account if under 21)
  • Begin wealth-building opportunities as a young stockowner

Young people of all ages can learn money management and long-term investment fundamentals. SIG is appropriate and adaptable for kids and adult groups. No prior investment skills are needed to get started.

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