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”The Gift That Keeps On Giving Workshop”


A SHARE PARTY allows adults to help youth develop thoughtful money management habits. We want young people to understand the value of financial literacy and money management skills. After all, we know that money really doesn’t grow on trees!

There are many ways to excite young people about understanding how their money can work for them. This interactive financial literacy workshop will help adults spark a young person’s interest in stock ownership and wealth building.

No prior experience is needed to “stock-up” on helping them build financial literacy skills, starting at an early age. SHARE PARTIES are social groups, clubs, organizations, business clients, house party get togethers, work events, etc…


“WOW is the best way to describe the workshop. Jackie provided a fun session on financial literacy for my adult friends. We learned a lot and will use the information to help our kids focus more on smart money decisions”  (Mom, DC)


Why host a SHARE PARTY™?

Get a young person started in building a solid financial future by giving the gift that keeps on giving and growing!

At your SHARE PARTY, we will introduce the Stuff&Stock® gift giving service. We’ll help you re-think gift giving to youth by giving high interest gifts that shows the connection between an item (Stuff) and becoming a young stock owner  (&Stock) in that​ company.

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