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Contact: Jackie
September 01, 2015


Turning Simple Gifts into Financial Literacy for Young People

BROWARD COUNTY, FL – What was the best gift you ever received as a kid? While you may remember the way it made you feel and why it was so memorable, chances are it didn’t help you to understand the mysteries of money or create wealth. But each gift given through the innovative and thoughtful company JackieTrust® does just that.

JackieTrust® has disrupted traditional gift giving with a unique concept called Stuff&Stock. The service helps adults choose a high-interest gift (Stuff) connected to and along with shares of a company’s stock (&Stock) to produce the perfect child’s gift. This game-changing Stuff&Stock® gift helps to educate youngsters about how every day products they use can translate into corporate profits and dividends. Additionally, the child can also receive an age-appropriate book to learn about the pillars of personal finance.

According to the Federal Reserve, fewer than half of all Americans have money in stocks (this figure includes everyone invested in retirement funds) and only 25% of millenniums are involved with the U.S. stock exchange. Introducing kids and teens to long-term investing by gifting a JackieTrust® is a great way to make them confident about money matters. What makes JackieTrust® different is that Stuff&Stock® has meaning to the young person through engaging them in the financial markets, which gives them the gift of financial literacy while having fun!

Ask yourself: Does the child really need another toy they will outgrow or lose interest in within a few months? To truly make an impact and provide fun, you should consider a JackieTrust®. It can pass on a meaningful legacy that teaches the skills needed to sufficiently build personal wealth to live.

Initial JackieTrust® services range from about $175.00 – $250.00 and include an age-appropriate gift and/or finance book, your gift of stock ownership to the child, gift wrapping, financial literacy information, processing and delivery. There is also support to help other adults give Stuff&Stock® for various celebrations, which allow parents and custodians to set up recurring deposits for youngsters.

For more information about our services, visit our website at

Our vision is for every youth to develop financial literacy skills and begin to build wealth starting at an early age.


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