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What children do with their possessions is the first lesson in learning to use resources.

Being a lender or borrower carries a lot of responsibility, especially for a kid. You have overhead a child asking a friend, “Can I play with that?” Let’s make this more than a lesson in sharing stuff.

What if children learn to loan their money to the bank or a company (own stock) instead of letting that institution simply use their money? Young people have a stronger possibility of growing wealth if they own stocks instead of just having a savings account.

You should kickstart a young person’s wealth building opportunity. 

Give a stock-themed gift in companies of high interest to the young people in your life.  After all, learning is about making connections and buying to a young person’s interest will engage youngsters in making smarter money choices as teens and into adulthood.

Let’s dispel a money myth:

You do not have to be rich to invest in stocks or start a custodial account for a minor.  Your parents or grandparents may not have had the option of opening up a stock account for you. However, you can build generational wealth for kids and we can help you get started! Young people owning stock in institutions or a company is a great “learn and earn” lesson. In fact, if a child has a saving account or piggy/money bank with $150, they can buy their own Stuff&Stock.  After all, if that money is already in a savings account it’s being used by the bank with very little financial or educational benefit to the child.


  • In 2020 the national average interest rate on a saving account was roughly 0.06%
  • In 2020 the average stock market return was about 10% per year (for nearly the last century)

If you give Stuff&Stock and add funds to the account on special occasions, you can make a difference in any child’s finances for decades into the future. Owning stock is empowering and will help a young person understand that it’s a smart way to build wealth over time.

Stuff&Stock is a smart gift that’s super easy to give.

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