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Research shows that if you connect learning to a person’s interest it increases engagement. I am always curious to know what young people like and many mention sports, singing and dancing; which are all reasonable interests. However, if you are looking to invest directly in major professional sports teams or the performing acts via the stock market you may want to look at other activities they enjoy. Ownership in a particular sport, team or the arts is difficult if you are not a billionaire.

However, you can consider buying a young person stock in related apparel manufacturers. Some products, as well as endorsements by professional athletes and entertainers, can bring awareness of a company to a young stock investor. There are additional options for sports and the arts-related stocks through television outlets, movie theaters, streaming networks, technology industry, health clubs/fitness centers, and even the racetrack/automotive industry. Some examples to consider are Disney+, Dancing with the Stars, Animae, or even The Ford vs. Ferrari movie may help connect their interest in learning about business and investing.

The movie and entertainment industry can connect a young person’s interest within a vast array of fine arts.   Dancing, singing, acting, animation,  etc. are seen in motion pictures, at amusement parks and children entertainment centers so it’s a reasonable connection.

Furthermore, a few USA sports teams were publicly traded in the past, but with the exception of Green Bay Packers and their non-tradable stock, those teams have since reverted to private ownership. I read that overseas major professional sports teams, unlike American sports organizations, have been more willing to issue public stock as a means of raising capital. International soccer teams have been particularly adept at using stock to fund their operations.  Being excessively proud on your hometown team is one thing, but generally speaking, for investors, sports teams have underperformed in the market.

Stuff&Stock connects a young person’s interest to DRIP stock ownership. That said, below are just a few stocks to consider for a young people in your life.

So here are a  few Sports and Performing Arts companies to research (DRIP):

CBS     CBS Corporation Class

CMSA  Comcast Corporation

COKE  Coca-Cola Consolidated Inc.

DIS      Walt Disney Company

DTV     DTE Energy Company

DVD    Dover Motorsports, Inc.

F          Ford Motor Company

FL        Foot Locker Inc.

FUN     Cedar Fair, L.P

GCI      Gannett Company, Inc.

GE       General Eclectic Company

SNE     Sony Corporation

GT       Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

IPG      The Interpublic Group Companies, Inc.

NKE    Nike, Inc.

OMC    Omnicom Group Inc.

PEP     PepsiCo, Inc.

MSFT  Microsoft Corporation

S          Sprint Corporation

T          AT&T

XSELY Xinhau Sports & Entertainment

VFC     VF Corp

WWE  World Wrestling Entertainment

Stuff&Stock is a gift-giving service that connects a young person’s (kids – millennials) interest to stock ownership. We teach young people about business and investing.  Visit us as https://stuffandstock.com

(Information was gathered from several sources)

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