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Connect a child’s interest to owning shares of stock!



Hi Mom and Dad,

I have been thinking about Christmas presents for your favorite grandkids.  It’s a strange Christmas season so I thought I’d ask for different sort-of gifts for the kids.

Will you pay the cost of half of the Tesla toy car as a Christmas gift for your favorite 3yr old granddaughter, give Trent the Nike Air Vapor sneaker in size 3Y because he will need room since his foot size is growing half an inch every other month, and just add cash to Renee’s debit card so she can have some retail therapy?

Love you,


Dear Favorite Daughter, 

We will miss spending the holiday season with you and your brother, and agree it’s different.  However, this environment has allowed us to think about giving better gifts that have more meaning and longevity. We opted for (safe) online shopping at stuffandstock.com, which is a Black female owned gift giving service.

Instead of a Tesla model car that Ashli will undoubtedly get bored with after a few weeks, we are buying Ashli a slice of ownership in Tesla. No worries, she’ll still get a package to unwrap, but the Tesla is from Target and she’ll have just as much fun pushing it around on the floor.   Plus, she’ll receive an age-appropriate book and a keepsake customized stock portfolio binder.

Similarly, Trent will receive a share of Nike, Incorporated stock and a Nike relate gift; and Renee will receive Starbucks stock and a Starbucks gift card. We like the idea of connecting the kid’s interest to stock ownership in publicly traded company. We want to help them grow wealth and learn about business & investing.

Going forward we will add money to their accounts on birthdays, for Christmas and other special occasions.  The goal is to position our grandkids with financial freedom so they can buy whatever type of vehicle, sneaker or other items they need when they are your age. Please watch the mail for our gifts from “Stuff&Stock “and schedule a zoom meet-up call with JackieTrust for Trent and Renee.  They are of the age to easily understand what it means to be an empowered stock owner. 

By the way, your brother’s kids (my favorite son) and our Godchildren will also receive Stuff&Stock.  “A gift that keeps on giving!”

Love and Misses!

Mom and Dad



Mom and Dad,

You are awesome!   This is a great idea. In fact, we checked out the website and are going to purchase Stuff&Stock for our nieces and nephews on both sides of the family.  I love that they get a gift to open, and an opportunity to build wealth. During these crazy times they don’t need more stuff; they need financial freedom.

Love and Miss you too!




Long-term stock ownership  has been one of the best investments available.  Getting your kids, or grandkids, involved with investing in the stock market while they are still young can teach them valuable lessons about finances and create substantial wealth for their future. 

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