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How can you help build financial literacy skills 

and a path to financial stability for the young people in your life?

We’ve put together a few steps on how you can help a young person build wealth:


1) For any occasion give Stuff&Stock which includes:    imgres    

  • Meaningful gift that is connected to shares of that company’s stock
  • Age appropriate finance book      
  • Personalized organizer
  • Financial literacy information
  • Gift wrapping,   Processing, Delivery, and On-going support
  • Start-up cost usually ranges from $175.00 – $250.00


2) Help increase the young person’s stock portfolio because anyone can gift additional Stuff&Stock™. As important is that the young person  learns the value of investing and  depositing a portion of their earnings from completing extra chores, funds from birthday or holiday gifts, and jobs as a teen and young adult.


3) Commit to a long-term investment plan through developing a clear understanding of the difference between saving and investing.   ‘

  • In addition young people continuously development  financial literacy skills and financial fluency.     


On Your behalf JackieTrust will take care of the details by:

Processing All the Services

Teaching  Financial Literacy Skills

Connecting the Child’s Interest to their Ownership

Conveying the Value of Long-term Investing to Build Wealth


Visit the website and have fun calculating investment scenarios: http://jackietrust.com/young-funds/.

There are endless possibilities and the pathway begins with you.images-6

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