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Receiving a JackieTrust™ from you helps the child become a real shareholder .

Giving a JackieTrust allows a young person to experience true ownership of the companies they love while learning money management.

All from your phone… it is as simple as  1-2-3

  1. We help you choose the right gift based on the ‘stuff’ that kids like (games, sports, books, apparel, chemistry, etc.)
  2. Then we connect your gift choice to the parent company, and an age appropriate book on financial literacy
  3. This creates the Stuff&Stock that we giftwrap and send on your behalf

You can order anytime and we will wait to send the Stuff&Stock just-in-time for the special occasion!

Young people  can’t wait to check the stock quote, learn about their investment and tell their friends about your great gift. GIVE A GIFT  of Financial Freedom that will last a lifetime.

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