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The Benefits of Taking a Vacation.


By Michelle Harris. July 9th


If you’re anything like me, you believe in a hard day of work. You spring out of bed, grab your coffee, and power up your computer for another day to crush your goals. Another to-do list: done. Your weeks-long job assignment: completed. Anything that comes your way: up for the taking. And as you relish in the job well done, do you also consider the amount of time you give yourself to unwind.

I, for one, can say that unwinding and the thought of taking vacations aren’t always “top of list,” but that can change. Why? Because there are several benefits to getting away and enjoying a refresh.

Reconnect with family

For one, vacations force us to slow down and spend time with the ones we love. I’ve never successfully completed work on a vacation because most of my time is spent living it up with family. Now that we’re largely post-pandemic, we can all breathe a sigh of relief knowing that we can actually be around (and safely hug) our loved ones. A Harvard study examined 309,000 people showed that not having strong family ties was the equivalent of smoking 15 cigarettes a day was even more harmful than obesity/physical inactivity and could lead to grave consequences, like premature death. The solution: get reacquainted with your loved ones on your next vacation and get reconnected!

Explore new scenery

Vacations can also be another great opportunity to see the world. And by the world, it could mean arranging a getaway in your nearby downtown or your local campgrounds. No matter where you choose to stop and park, it’s always a great idea to see what’s out there. Later this summer, I plan on taking a weekend road trip to New Orleans to explore the city and I can’t be more excited. This vacation isn’t the most elaborate, but it’s a fun way to explore another state. I’m eager to sample local dishes, listen to live music, and enjoy summer festivals. A vacation can be a trip to Greece or a road trip to another city, but it always proves to be an opportunity to open up to new experiences, unwind and see what’s on the other side.

You can teach money skills

Money management isn’t only exclusive to budgeting and credit scores, there are plenty of other ways to teach your children how to care for their finances. What better way than them helping plan a trip to, say, Disneyland? Before you book the hotel, you can have your children examine hotel prices and choose the best deal. They can practice these skills by calculating eating out costs, shopping costs, and other expenses included in the trip. What’s incredible is that these small habits implemented early make all the difference. At Stuff&StockⓇ, we believe in taking tangible items and teaching young people financial literacy. There’s never a better time to get your children on board with planning their financial future, and even vacation planning can help!

Taking a vacation may not be the first thing you’re thinking about, but it sure has its benefits. Whether it be a time to connect with family, an opportunity to explore a new city, or the chance to educate your children on money, there are endless reasons to put the computer down and pick up the hotel key.


About Author

Michelle Harris is a Stuff&Stock intern with a decorated background in writing. Before Stuff&Stock, she wrote her first book “Money Tips for Twenty-Somethings”, and became a viral sensation on Linkedin for her captivating post. You can catch her thoughtful insight on Linkedin, her website, and whenever she feels moved by something, here. 


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